Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Issaquah Valley Trolley

Here in Issaquah, we have the historic Issaquah Depot built in 1889. It was restored back to it's original  appearance in the 1980's and now it's a charming bit of Issaquah history housing a museum and a community gathering place. If you look in my gallery, you'll see a portrait of the depot that I painted.

This summer, I heard that the Issaquah Valley Trolley was up and running so I grabbed my camera and headed downtown to the depot. The trolley was on my "to do" list of historic Issaquah landmarks. It was a  perfect, sunny and warm Northwest day and the depot was lively with kids and their parents waiting to board the trolley.

 As stood taking photos and waiting for the trolley to depart, I felt as if I had walked back in time. The conductors in their spiffy uniforms chatted with passengers. A ragtime band was playing inside the depot. A young father ran with his preschooler in his arms for the trolley as the conductor hollered, "Aaaaaall Aboard!! 

Mr. Trolley Conductor

The trolley whistle blew, and off it rolled down the tracks and down the road with a car full of happy, bouncy passengers.

It only went down to the end of downtown Issaquah, about a quarter mile away and back making it about a 20 minute journey all in all. Just the right amount of time for the young, bouncy passengers inside!

I walked along the path that follows along Front Street, waiting for another shot of the trolley as it returned. The trolley runs during the weekends through the summer until the weather turns too cold and wet for an enjoyable ride down Front Street. As soon as the trolley is up and running again for the season, I'll be there with my grand kids to board the Issaquah Valley Trolley and a short journey to old-time Issaquah. 

Click HERE for more info about the Issaquah Valley Trolley! 

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