Monday, September 28, 2015

For Carol

Earlier this year, my mother asked me to create a portrait for her friend of 72 years, Carol. Carol's son, Jeff, passed away ten years ago and this portrait was a gift from my mother to Carol.

"In Memory of Jeff", 8 x 10

I felt so honored to work on this portrait of Jeff. I worked very hard to capture his likeness, but most of all his personality - gentle and caring, as I understood him to be. My reference photo was from his memorial program, so it was a challenge to see all of the details, being a photo of a photo. 

Carol's heartfelt reaction...tears, upon receiving the portrait unexpectedly in the mail touched my heart as well. Tears are always the greatest compliment of a portrait I have drawn, although it really tugs at my heart when it happens! It helps me to know though, that my art has made an impact, I've done my very best, and have done my job well.