Monday, February 29, 2016

Pickup at the Imnaha P.O.

"Pickup at the Imnaha P.O." is my newest miniature. This little colored pencil piece measures 3" x 2-5/8". (There's a "ghost penny" in the corner for scale). I'll be entering it in the upcoming miniatures show at the Parklane Gallery in May. This is a real, operating post office located in Inmaha, Oregon. With a population of about 14, they don't need a very big P.O! With the threat of many rural post offices being closed due to cost-cutting measures, the Imnaha P.O. has fortunately been spared, and a piece of "small town America" has been preserved.

My husband, Keith and I discovered this tiny town when we were on vacation last October in Joseph,Oregon. We spent a day exploring, driving eastward towards the Idaho border, just to see what we could see. Imnaha is at the end of the paved road, so we ventured further on up Hat Point Road...a scary, one-lane dirt road. What felt like mere inches from the edge of a steep drop-off, I tried hard not to look down!! 

At an elevation 8,000 feet, we had spectacular views of the valleys below and learned a bit of the history of the native peoples in this area, the Nez Perce Indians. About an hour later and safely back down at Imnaha, I took a parting shot of one of the only other establishments in town, the Imnaha Store and Tavern which has been around since 1904. So...with a store, a tavern, a post office, a beautiful Fall day (and a sense of adventure), what more do you need? 

Monday, January 11, 2016

A New Home Portrait

Delphi House - pen and ink with watercolor, 10 x 8

Last year, I was commissioned to create a portrait of this charming 100-year-old farmhouse. Located in the Olympia area, it was the home of my clients when their three boys were very young. Years later after moving away and their boys now adults, they wanted a portrait to give to each of their sons for Christmas.

Old family photos were provided for reference, and I was also able to find more photos of the home on Zillow as the home had recently been listed for sale. I created the original in pen and ink and watercolor, then had three giclee prints made of the artwork for my clients to give to their sons.

Now that Christmas is over, and the chance of them stumbling upon images of their Christmas gift is no longer a concern, I'm happy to share this latest home portrait on my gallery!